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Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. As we all know that the child of today is the citizen of tomorrow. He has to shoulder responsibilities in various fields and discharge the same. If he is capable of facing the challenges of life then only he can discharge his duties towards himself, his family, society and nation efficiently and effectively.
Here lies the duty of educators, teachers and system as a whole to enable the child to play his role as a responsible citizen. They are responsible for making the base & foundation of the child strong enough at school level so that the child does not get shattered when he comes across harsh and tough situations in practical life. 
For this, his all domains of his personality i.e. physical, mental, and intellectual & spirituals need to be taken care so that he becomes enlightened personality and he remains sensitive to all the issues and skill fully handles all the situations.
So all the people associated with this noble field of education have a great responsibility   on them and has to perform tremendous task. If they do their duties honestly with devotion and dedication I am  sure the future of the country will be prosperous & we can get rid of many problems and at the same time lend a helping hand in character building of the students and render our services to the nation in the real sense.                          
Jai Hind!